Hello, I am Cindy. I am a triple citizen of the United States, Switzerland and the Dominican Republic. So I am used to being both at home and foreign. That opened my eyes to the special. I like to walk around the world with my eyes open and always discover exciting things. I lived in Switzerland for most of the years, but in 2016 I decided to go to my roots and move to Santo Domingo. I want to contribute to growth. Although we live in paradise in many ways, there is still a lot to improve. Many people have hardly any prospects and live a poor life. Since I have had difficult times myself, I would like to contribute to improving the situation of these people. This is how I set up my cindycate and support people in need on a small scale. In 2017 I founded the a-syndicate association together with Stephan Mayenknecht. As part of this work, we have already managed to launch a number of projects and help many participants to exist. Our strategy is to establish clear micro-companies and to create employment for as many employees as possible. As soon as the businesses function stably and independently, we hand them over to suitable people from the workforce. In this way it is again possible to combine work and enjoyment in this beautiful environment. Within this system, I lead the coordination work in the Dominican Republic. I am the contact person for all projects and network our work with that in Switzerland. I am very grateful to be able to implement this task. I have also been the happy mother of my daughter Nashly Rubi for 6 months. That is also why it is so important to me to hand over an intact, sustainable world to the next generation, in which every person has the chance of freedom and prosperity.